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Personal Umbrella

Life is uncertain. That is why we think about and plan for worst-case scenarios so you don't have to. Main Street America Insurance's Umbrella Insurance goes steps further than our basic homeowners and personal auto policies to cover the things and people that matter to you most.

Extended liability protection in the form of higher coverage limits.

Coverage for most types of accidents.

Legal defense fees.

Bodily injury and property damage in an accident that exceeds your auto liability limit.

Bodily injury in the event of an accident on your property in excess of your homeowners liability limits.

Covered libel or slander judgments.

Extra protection above and beyond our basic homeowners and personal auto policies are a safeguard that no matter what happens, you have a solution in your back pocket. Working through your independent insurance agent, our job is to make sure we've thought of everything - so you don't have to.

Umbrella Insurance through Main Street America Insurance is available in $1 million increments up to $5 million. It also includes greater liability coverage for automobiles, personal watercraft, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, motor homes and renters.

No matter what life throws your way, Main Street America Insurance has your back.

Real-Life Scenarios of Why You Need Umbrella Coverage

  • You drive down a busy street and accidentally injure a pedestrian. Medical costs, lost earnings and damages amount to millions.
  • While entertaining at home, a neighbor slips and fractures their skull. Damages are several hundred thousand dollars.
  • A teenage guest at a pool party dives unknowingly into the shallow end of your pool and suffers devastating paralysis. Injury costs amount to millions.