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All of our policies may be paid online at Make a one-time online payment now.

Yes. You may call (866) 335-0509 to pay your bill using our automated phone service. Please have your account or policy number and payment information ready to pay by debit card, credit card, or checking or savings account.

Utilizing our automated payments program is an easy, convenient way to automatically pay your bill and avoid late fees.

To set up recurring payments, you have several options:

  1. Speak to your insurance agent.

  2. Choose the recurring payments options when making your online payment.

  3. For select policies, you may complete an EFT enrollment form from the Customer Login screen. When choosing this method, you could save up to $72 a year in fees.

To mail a payment, tear off the stub from your billing statement and enclose a check or money order in the return envelope you received. Please write your account or policy number in the memo line.

Mail your payment to:

Main Street America Insurance
Attn: Premium Services
55 West Street Keene, N.H. 03431-3373

We accept major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and payments from a checking or saving account. Additional payment options are available online to most customers that may include Paypal, Paypal Credit, Venmo and electronic checks.

Your local, independent insurance agent is your best resource to assist you with questions about your bill and payments. Their contact information is displayed on your billing statement.

If you have questions about our online payment form or billing, you may call our Customer Care department at (800) 258-5310.

Depending on your policy and state, you may incur up to a $4.95 fee for making an online payment. Any payment fee will be displayed on screen prior to the charge being finalized.

Your bill will be sent to you approximately 20 days prior to the due date.

Click on “Customer Login” at the top of and sign into your account. From there, select “My Account” and select “Billing & Payments.” Choose an account and then select “View Details.”

All due dates are based on the effective date of your policy and cannot be amended.

Emailed billing statements are available for select states and policies. Please ask your agent for details specific to your policy.

To make any policy changes, please contact your insurance agent.

Some fees are state-imposed taxes or surcharges. You may also have a fee related to your selection of an installment payment plan (up to $7), returned payments (up to $25), electronic payment processing (up to $4.95) or late payments (up to $25). Please note that fees are subject to change.

There are several reasons your minimum amount due may change: changes to your policy, late payments, state-imposed fees, and audits can impact the minimum due. Your agent can provide you with details about your statement.

These are fees and taxes required by your state based on the coverages and policy type that you have selected.

A temporary hold has been placed on your account while maintenance is being performed. Please contact your agent for more information.

Please contact your agent to request a billing schedule.

A notice of cancellation of your policy will be issued if payment is not received by the due date on your bill. A late fee will be assessed if payment is received after the due date. Late payments can also alter your payment plan.

You will receive a notice of cancellation for nonpayment indicating the minimum amount due as well as any applicable bank and service fees, which must be paid by the cancellation effective date.

If your policy was cancelled, please contact your insurance agent.

The minimum payment amount must be paid by the due date to keep your account current and ensure continued coverage.

A new enrollment form must be completed to change your bank account information. Please contact your agent for assistance.

You may request cancellation or a change to your EFT payment program with a 30-day written notification. The notification must include the following information: named insured (policyholder), account or policy number, the date of your request, and the signature of the named insured.

Requests can be submitted via email to:, by fax to: (866) 420-8181, or by mail to: Main Street America Insurance, Premium Services, P.O. Box 2004, Keene, NH 03431.

You can view your payment history online. Select “Customer Login” from Once logged in, select “Billing & Payments” and then select “View Details” for the applicable account, and then select “View Payment History.”

Please allow up to 72 hours for electronic payments made online or on the phone to post. For all other payments, please allow 7 to 10 days for posting.

This is a balance due to the company for coverage provided during the time your policy was in force. If the premium shown is not paid, your account will be referred to Main Street America’s collections department or an outside collections vendor.

The majority of our policies offer the convenience of saving your credit card or other payment details for use toward future payments. Your payment details are digitally secured and are not viewable by our service teams.

Some policies do not currently offer the ability to save this information electronically. You will need to supply your banking and card information each time you wish to make a payment.

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